equipesca® stands for unlimited possibilities when it comes to nylon threads.


Everything you can think of in terms of monofilament and multifilament threads. This is our business.

We have been pioneers in the manufacturing of monofilament and multifilament threads with the highest technology and tradition since 1960. It is a brand which brings innovation to its history and it promotes the creation and the evolution of products which guarantee better results in the fishing, agribusiness, and urban segments.

With global presence, we offer the best quality for all our product line, which is under stringent quality standards. Our philosophy reflects the high standards of our products which guarantee excellence in customer service with the highest national and international market standards.


By a differentiated service and a relationship of trust, our mission is to understand our customers’ needs in order to provide materials, equipment, and innovative solutions used to produce, optimize, and protect your business whether it involves activities in the country, in the water, or in the city.


To be a solid group, exponent in its areas of operation in both national and international markets, recognized by its offering in terms of quality solutions and great results.


Conheça todos os mercados de atuação da equipesca®.


Solutions for industrial, sport and artisanal fishing.


Solutions for agribusiness.


Solutions for construction industry and daily life.

equipesca® é sinônimo de tradição, tecnologia e presença global.

Tudo o que você imaginar com fios de monofilamento e multifilamentos. Esse é o nosso negócio.