equipesca® stands for tradition, technology, and global presence.

By having a global presence, our products value quality first. It has been a brand known for its pioneering spirit and tradition since 1960.

We are equipesca®. A Brazilian company which has been offering technological solutions with mono and multifilaments.

We operate in the Fishing, Agribusiness, and Urban markets, by providing a complete product line which makes the difference in the daily life of the ones who need a better result for their businesses.


Solutions for industrial, sport and artisanal fishing.


Solutions for agribusiness.


Solutions for construction industry and daily life.

since 1960

Tradition and pioneering spirit mark our history.

By operating in both national and international markets, equipesca®’s successful history is shaped according to its tradition and sustained innovation models which promote a philosophy of sustainable growth with future vision.


Synonymous with innovation since 1960, our products meet the most demanding safety and quality standards.


equiplex® Protective netting

equiplex® protective netting provides security for windows, stairs, balconies, swimming pools, multi-sports courts, among other applications. Its nets are the only ones in the market with authentication tape which is part of the quality assurance.

ekilon® grass

ekilon®grass nylon thread for brushcutters

Developed from a combination of special imported polymers, it is used in lawn mowers for either industrial or leisure purposes.


clarite® protective netting

Protecting just the right amount of what is important for your business.


ekilon® nylon thread for fishing

Ideal for industrial, artisanal, and recreational fishing, ekilon® nylon thread guarantees harmony between handling, resistance, and transparency. In addition, it can be used for handicraft, sewing in general, and for making, repairing and finishing nets.


trevo® nylon thread for construction workers

Made of monofilament nylon, the trevo® nylon thread is used in the construction industry for better levelling while performing the work. When exposed to the sun, it remains stretched without losing its characteristics.


sombrite® protective and shade netting

With constant refinement through modern production techniques to meet the needs of both national and international markets, sombrite® is an unmatched product with quality, resistance, and durability. The brand sombrite® stands for shade netting with a ten-year guarantee.


equipesca® accessories

Ideal for industrial, artisanal, and recreational fishing, equipesca® accessories guarantee harmony between handling, resistance, and transparency.


equipesca® nylon netting with high tenacity.

Monofilament netting and multifilament netting are manufactured with high tenacity nylon. They have high resistance and are used in professional fishing as well as in fish farming.


equipesca® é sinônimo de tradição, tecnologia e presença global.

Tudo o que você imaginar com fios de monofilamento e multifilamentos. Esse é o nosso negócio.